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Laura Stamm Power Skating now offers individualized video analysis of a player's skating skills. Students benefit from our expert analysis and detailed feedback.

Video Analysis is completely separate from our on-ice programs and can be done at any point during the year.

All videos should be taken with players skating at top speed for the best analysis of what a player should focus on for continued improvement.

  • Create a short video of yourself covering one of the areas illustrated below.

    For each option, we've provided an instructional video that explains what you should include in your sample. Choose the option right for you or choose our complete analysis.

  • Video file sizes need to be smaller in order to upload without issues / errors.
    • To reduce file size when recording on a smart phone, consider changing your phone settings from size 1080p (1920x1080 px) at 30fps (frames per second) to 720p (1280x720 px) at 30fps. This should greatly reduce size without sacrificing quality.

    • If you have already created the file, you can use a video compression app. See for example Top 3 Video Compressor Apps.
  • You'll be prompted to upload your video securely.

  • Make payment at check out.

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for our instructors to analyze your video and have it returned to you. Our analysis will be sent to you via e-mail.
Forward ViewForward ViewSide ViewSide View
Forward Stride Stops and Starts Video Analysis
Cost: 35.00

This analysis requires 2 videos:

  1. The first video should have the player skate directly away from and then towards the camera, preferably half to 2/3 length of the ice.  
  2. The second video should be from a side angle with the player doing 4 stops and starts, preferably dot to dot in one zone.

This will be a 2-part analysis:

  1. Forward stride analysis will look at the finish of the push, recovery, arm swing, glide pattern, knee bend and body angle. 
  2. Stops/Starts analysis will look at width of feet on the stop, weight distribution on the stop, weight transfer on the start, distance on the first step and number of steps on the toes out of the start. 
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Backward ViewBackward View
Backward Stride Video Analysis
Cost: 25.00
  • The video should be shot from behind, having the player skate directly away from and then towards the camera.   
  • We will analyze a player's finish to the C-cut, recovery, knee bend and start (if applicable).
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Forward Crossover ViewForward Crossover View
Forward Crossovers Video Analysis
Cost: 25.00
  • This video should be taken from one spot (do not try to move with the player or shoot from the center of a circle and turn with the player).  The player can skate a giant figure 8 between 2 circles in one zone or can skate around a single circle in both directions.   
  • We will analyze a player's balance, body turn, and finish of both pushes.
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Forward-Backward ViewForward-Backward ViewSide ViewSide View
Complete Video Analysis
Cost: 50.00
  • This analysis requires 2 videos:  
    1. The first video should be taken from the blue along the boards.  The player should skate diagonally forwards to the corner and back, then diagonally backwards to the corner and back, then complete one giant figure 8 between the 2 circles.   
    2. The second video should be from a side angle with the player doing 4 stops and starts, preferably dot to dot in one zone.
  • We will analyze a player's forward stride, backward stride, forwards crossovers and stops and starts.  
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Game FootageGame Footage
Game Footage
Cost: 50.00
This video should be approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute (1 shift) of in-game footage. Please try to provide a video which shows the player skating as much as possible and not gliding. We will work to analyze a players forward stride, backward stride, stops and starts, transitions, etc. depending on the footage provided.

This analysis cannot always be as detailed as other options as it is dependent on the skating maneuvers seen in that particular shift. However, it can provide good feedback on how a players focused power skating work is translating into a game. This analysis can also give a baseline of areas for players to focus on moving forward.

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