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What the Pros Say

Hi Laura,

Thank you for the email. You trained me before my first professional training camp, and you were instrumental to my path to the NHL. .You were the only "hockey camp" I ever went to . . . I am serious about that. .I guess I should have said that in my article . . I will have to do a follow up . . You are a groundbreaker in training hockey players outside of the box . . Respect.

Jeff Serowik
Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.

I never would have played in the NHL (NY Islanders) if it wasn't for you. I really needed your help. Ultimately, my skating ability is what got me there.

Justin Johnson #49
Anchorage, AK

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What people are saying about Laura Stamm

Hi Laura,
I just want to thank you again for the clinic the last 4 Mondays. My son Dalton and I learned tons.

"Thank you. I am overwhelmed with the professionalism and courtesy of everyone that I have spoken with at Laura Stamm. The coaches were amazing and we do appreciate the care and effort you put into making sure this was a right fit for Braden. When the time comes we will definitely be signing up and will enthusiastically tell everyone about our amazing experience that we have had with you.

Thank you again"

Lauren, South Windsor CT - March, 2015

"I've been recruiting heavily for your class - not so much to have company, although that's a great benefit, but because your class is a really strong skating technique class and so many of the people I see on the ice
need it. "

Rachael, Anchorage AK - January 2014

"The students were incredibly attentive all 4 days - a testament to the instructors. Also, the instructors did a great job having the kids go slowly and work on form, as opposed to racing each other all the time. So many kids usually try to turn every drill into a race."

Patricia - Arlington, VA 2012

"We were in LA at a game and a parent from the other team came up to us and commented on what a great skater Justin is. Commented that it was obvious that he has had lessons and works on his skating. The best comment from this parent was when he asked us if he does the Laura Stamm camp? Said he could tell during warm ups, Justin's form and stride were a stamp of the Laura Stamm way to skate. We proudly told him that your camp is by far the best investment we have made in regards to our son's hockey and that we recommend it to everyone."

Beckie - Escondido, CA 2012

"The instructor and the assistants were all fabulous! The clinic made such a difference in my son. I've told many people that if they can only afford one clinic this is the ONE! Thank You."

John - Buffalo, NY 2012

"Fantastic course. I can't recommend it highly enough. As a former Div. 1 college player I saw drills I have never seen before. I wish I had attended Laura Stamm as a kid! GREAT JOB!!! PS - All of the other parents I spoke with were equally as happy with the program."

Jack - Buffalo, NY 2011

"I really didn't know what to expect, but was really blown away by how well the clinic was run. Instead of setting up cones and dropping a bucket of pucks on the ice and yelling at the kids to 'skate faster', this clinic focused on skating technique. I wouldn't change a thing, it was time well spent. My boys will be back for future clinics."

Jon - Foxboro, MA 2011

"Our daughter said, 'I LOVED IT!!!'. Enough said."

Amanda and Bob - South Windsor, CT 2011

"Each instructor was knowledgable, attentive, and extremely supportive. Many times I watched one or more assistants over in the corner reinforcing tips or offering words of encouragement to the skaters. I as a parent and teacher greatly appreciate these 'teachable moments.' Thank you all for a great experience."

Abbie - Andover, MA 2010

"I have seen a lot of other programs and heard from people what they have done, a lot of problems. Bottom Line, this is 'THE BEST' of all them. Thank You."

Debbie - Concord, MA 2010

"Laura: Austin felt the clinic was very beneficial. Please be sure and let us know when you schedule future clinics."

Lisa Arnold, Anchorage, AK March, 2007

"I just wanted to write and say thank you again for coming to Kodiak. My staff and I enjoyed working with you and the entire hockey community here in Kodiak are better skaters thanks to you. Also, we still want you back next season. Anytime you can fit us, we’ll be happy to have you. Thanks again."

Joel de Leon, Rink Director Kodiak, Alaska February 2007

"Of all the camps our son has attended, the Laura Stamm power skating camp was the best money we have yet to spend. I stayed at the rink and observed the camp all three days. While I was very pleased to see the skating stride broken down to the basic components, I worried it would become boring and my son would lose interest. However, he remained focused and I saw improvement every day. The instructors did an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the stride as well as providing individual attention and instruction when needed. (The fact the instructors were all incredible skaters gave further value to what they were telling the kids)."

Mindy D. Muskegon, MI Holiday Clinic 2006

"Laura: It was great to see your presentation at the USA Hockey Level Five Coaches Symposium. From all reports from attendees, the affair was very positive and productive. Kudos to you and the other presenters for such a great program. Thanks for what you do to improve the sport."

Ron DeGregorio, President USA Hockey. August, 2006

"I wish that all our people knew what you have given through the years.I use things that I learned from you 30 years ago today."

Lou Vairo, USA Hockey Director of Special Projects. August, 2006

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