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Clinics and Workshops Bring the Laura Stamm Power Skating Program to YOUR Rink!

With over 35 years of expertise, the Laura Stamm Power Skating way is the Right Way. Speed is more important in today’s hockey than ever before! Our programs target the needs and levels of your players. We make sessions easy to organize and FUN!

We give you the tools you need so that all players may reach their hockey potential. We supply you with all advertising and promotional materials including: posters, master application, media packets and Power Skating DVD. You organize and promote the clinic, enroll the students and provide on-ice assistants.

  • Our Dyanmic Program is custom tailored for your players.
  • 1 to 4 groups per day
  • 1 to 5 day programs
  • weekday or weekend clinics
  • basic through advanced levels
  • ages 8 to adult
  • complete with video analysis
  • special coach's sessions
  • achievement rankings

"Skating is a skill that can be developed through proper training and technique. NHL stars weren't born with their amazing skating ability; they mastered the fundamentals and worked many hours to refine their movements. Many players have benefited from the lessons of Laura Stamm, an expert skating instructor. She provided them with special insights and tips to gain that split-second advantage over the competition."
- Herb Brooks

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