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Pro Testimonials

"Hi Laura,
Thank you for the email. You trained me before my first professional training camp, and you were instrumental to my path to the NHL. You were the only "hockey camp" I ever went to. . . I am serious about that. I guess I should have said that in my article. I will have to do a follow up. You are a groundbreaker in training hockey players outside of the box.
Respect. Sincerely,"
Jeff Serowik
President, Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.
"I studied with Laura for ten years. I learned more from the first hour with Laura than from all the other hockey schools I had ever been to."
"Laura Stamm's Power Skating System can help anyone from novice to pro - It helped put me in the NHL."
"I was invited to the LA Kings training camp, but wasn't drafted. The Kings hired Laura Stamm to work on my skating. That was the boost that helped me make it to the NHL."
"I never would have played in the NHL (NY Islanders) if it wasn't for you. I really needed your help. Ultimately, my skating ability is what got me there."
Anchorage, AK
"To be honest, I was happy just to get drafted. Laura Stamm was the one who showed me how to get an extra step. That helped get me into the NHL."
"I would like you to know that your camps that Brad and I worked at and participated in had a major impact on our professional careers and where we are today."
Tony Zancanaro,
Trenton Devils Hockey Team, November, 2007
"Laura: I always thought I was a decent skater. But after I was given the opportunity to participate in your program, I was shocked at how much I needed to change. You helped identify the bad habits which were causing my inefficient stride, and you were hugely instrumental in rebuilding and refining many aspects of my skating.You opened my eyes to a whole new level of skating, and were always able to maintain a positive and encouraging learning environment. Thanks a lot!"
Varsity Hockey Player
Division 1 CCHA March, 2007
"Laura: I learned more from you in five minutes than I did all year."
Whitney Garey
Anchorage AK Major Junior player February, 2007
"Laura: Without you I would not have made it to the AHL. The Rochester Americans coaches were very impressed with my speed and skating. I want you to know how grateful I am to you and everything that you did for me and my career. I believe that your instruction and techniques were the single biggest reason I made it to the AHL and that your work put me on track to make it to the NHL. Thanks again for everything."
Lee Jelenic
Former Rochester Americans (AHL) player, February, 2007
"Laura - I have always respected the great work you do, since I first met you when I was eight."
Dean Larson
Anchorage Aces Professional Hockey Team, WCHL
"Laura has proven that practice does not make perfect but that perfect practice makes perfect with her incredible knowledge of the techniques of skating. Boy did I learn a lot."
Jim Craig
Goalie, 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team
"At the 2004 All Star Hockey Weekend, Scott Niedermayer won the Skills competition for Speed. Mrs. Niedermayer, mother of speedsters Scott and Rob, told interviewers that she intentionally chose power skating classes for her sons when other players attended regular hockey camps. Laura taught Scott and Rob for several years when they attended Okanagan Hockey Schools, Penticton, BC.
"Defensemen struggle in the new NHL, because for their entire life they could use their stick illegally -- to a greater or lesser degree. Now they can't at all. They have to play the opposing forward as if they have no stick in their hands so they are required to mirror him perfectly. Actually, they must also learn to poke-check again, something that's been missing for thirty years. There is no level of hockey -- not high school or youth hockey, certainly not college -- that calls this so close. In the NHL, you cannot touch the opponent with your stick, if your stick-blade is not on the ice. To play rushes, a D must skate incredibly well, mirroring the forward, step for step. So those D who couldn't skate are now in deep trouble. Those who have the skating tools have adjusted to these changes. So spread the word -- skating just got incredibly important for D, because eventually colleges, juniors, and youth hockey will call the game the same way the NHL is."
"I wish that all our people knew what you have given through the years. I use things that I learned from you 30 years ago today."
Lou Vairo
USA Hockey Director of Special Projects
"Laura: It was great to see your presentation at the USA Hockey Level Five Coaches Symposium. From all reports from attendees, the affair was very positive and productive. Kudos to you and the other presenters for such a great program. Thanks for what you do to improve the sport."
Ron DeGregorio
President USA Hockey. August, 2006

Other Graduated Pros Include:

Greg Brown
Terry Carkner
Sylvain Couturier
Ken Daneyko
Eric Desjardins
Ted Drury
Dave Gagner
Adam Graves
Kris King
Grant Ledyard
John MacLean
Bryan McCabe
Darren McCarty
George McPhee
Brendan Morrison
Larry Murphy
Rob Niedermayer
Scott Niedermayer
Darryl Shannon
Scott Young

And Many More!

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