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Frequently-Asked Questions

Are your age requirements strict? -Yes our age requirements are strict because of our liability insurance.

Do you pro-rate? -We only pro-rate programs starting 24 hours before the start of the program pending availability (only if it is not sold out).

Multiple Children 2 different age groups? Can they be in the same group? -Older players may take the younger group. Younger players cannot take an older group.

How much hockey experience does a player need to have to participate? Players must have a season under their belt of playing on a hockey team.

When do you release your schedule? -Our schedule is posted online in January. Our winter holiday schedule is posted in October.

I do not see any programs listed in my area. - Only upcoming programs are listed on our website. If there are no programs listed we may not offer any in your area or we have already run the program in your area. If possible, you can check states that are close by as we may have a program not far from you; it is just in the neighboring state.

How does the waiting list work? -When we end up with a cancellation we fill open spots in a program through our waiting list in numerical order. We contact you via e-mail if a spot becomes available. You have 24 hours to let us know if you would like to take the spot. After 24 hours we move on to the next player on the waiting list.

What are my chances of getting in off the waitlist? -There really is no predicting how a wait list will pan out. You can e-mail us for what number you are on the waiting list once you sign up for a waiting list spot.

Does it cost anything to be on the waiting list? - No

How fast do your programs sell out? -Every location is different. Some locations sell out very quickly after we post the schedule online, whereas some do not sell out until closer to the start date. If you know you want to sign up for a program and your schedule allows, do not wait to register as we do not hold spots. Registrations are taken on a first come, first serve basis by payment. We can never fully guarantee a spot will still be available at a later date.

What is your cancellation policy? Cancellation Policy

Do you run programs in the fall/winter? -We DO NOT run any fall programs. We do run holiday programs at the end of December during school vacation. We do offer sponsored programs during the fall and winter months. See Sponsored Programs

What is the coach-to-student ratio? - 1:8 ratio

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